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Stainless Steel and Bamboo Safety Razor


Stainless Steel and Bamboo Safety Razor

Stainless Steel and Bamboo Safety Razor

Return to classic shaving with this stylish double edge safety bamboo razor.

These razors have a 100% natural, sustainably grown bamboo handle, and are complemented by stainless-steel safety guard and trimmings. The result is a stylish, long handled, durable and sustainable safety razor that far outlives conventional razors. In fact, if cared for correctly, your new razor can serve you for decades.

Unlike disposable plastic ‘pink or blue’ razors, our razor provides a unisex design and a close shave for both men and women. 

Fits all double edge razor blades and comes with one free blade to get you started.

Billions of plastic razors and their plastic packaging find their way to landfills every year and take hundreds of years to decompose.

By switching to our eco-friendly bamboo razor, you are contributing to the zero-waste movement, making a cleaner environment for all.

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Stainless Steel and Bamboo Safety Razor