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A quirky, unique gift idea is our

'LUMP OF COAL & AN ORANGE' gift set!

'All you're getting for Christmas is a lump of coal and an orange'

... is a phrase traditionally bantered around at Christmas time. As with 

many traditions and 'old wives' tales' many are one mixed up with another 

and this is just such one.

"First footing" is the original tradition of someone knocking on your door 

at the stroke of midnight new years' eve. The visitor must bring into the 

house a piece of fruit, coal and money, therefore ensuring that the home 

will be warm throughout the year and that there will be plenty of food and 

money in the year ahead....

Another was based on that oranges were luxuries, when of course oranges 

were only grown in tropical countries and cost a fortune to transport them....

And some say that 'pieces of coal' were for 'naughty' children who hadn't

 lived up to their parent's expectations.


A quirky, unique gift idea is our 'LUMP OF COAL & AN ORANGE' gift set!

Comprising of three 'lumps' of our Activated Charcoal Goat Milk Soap (COAL) and a Himalayan Salt Deodorant (ORANGE).

The 'coal' and the 'orange' are each wrapped in black and orange tissue paper and presented in a high quality hessian sack.

You can be sure to bring a smile to anyone who receives this unusual yet very useful gift.

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